The Statista database offers new resources

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
A person pointing to a series of statistical graphics with a pen

Other themed dossiers, white papers, reports on American industries and business rankings have been added to the collection.

Over a million statistics, including reports, dossiers, forecasts, surveys and infographics, brought together in a single website: Statista. For some months now, the UOC university community has been able to use one of the most important international databases in the field of industries, markets and consumers, with resources coming from 18,000 highly reliable sources. Now, Statista has added more products to its extensive list of data:

  • New themed dossiers to get a speedier yet comprehensive vision of a specific subject area. In just a few clicks, you can find out everything from the crucial data of the status of the Spanish insurance industry to the evolution of the American augmented reality market. The dossiers are periodically updated and focus on the subject areas favoured by users (the most frequent searches on the website).
  • Studies into digital markets. You will have all the pieces you need in the jigsaw to familiarize yourself with such subject areas as mobile services, e-commerce and advertising on social media.
  • Complete and up-to-date reports on American industry. From mechanical engineering to telecommunications or healthcare. All the details you need to understand any sector. You can access specific data, such as revenue and trends, as well as analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of a market.
  • Global rankings of businesses, sector by sector. You can find out the 100 leading companies in the cosmetics, textile or food industries, and more.

Statista aids academic work as it allows the speedy consultation of completely reliable statistical data, with versatile presentations (such as dossiers, rankings and forecasts) that can be exported in the most widely-used formats.