The Library is responsible for managing UOC-specific learning modules

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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These modules are prepared by different authors and offered to students for use in UOC subjects.

Shipment of materials

Educational materials are offered in digital format whenever the publishing market so allows, and they can be accessed via shortcuts in the classroom. This notwithstanding, some resources are still only available as hard copies.

If the subjects you have enrolled on require shipment of learning resources, you should receive them at the start of the semester, depending on when you enrol and when your enrolment is accepted.

View and modify shipping details

Before enrolling, you can modify your shipping details, ie the address to which you would like us to send any materials that are not available in digital format.

Be sure to make such modifications before enrolling so as not to interfere with the shipment. Please remember that you may not list a P.O. box or UOC regional centre as your shipping address, as the material must be delivered to students or their authorised proxies in person.

Shipping times outside the standard enrolment period are 5 to 10 days for shipments in Spain and 10 to 15 days for international shipments.

Optional shipments

With a view to becoming greener and more sustainable, the UOC offers students of EHEA-adapted bachelor’s degree courses, second-cycle degree courses, diploma courses, engineering courses and university master’s courses the option of waiving the shipment of print versions of the educational resources.

This option is not available for all subjects. For instance, it is not available for repeat-enrolment or recognized subjects or subjects with educational resources that must be physically shipped due to their specific characteristics.

For more information, go to Campus > Secretary’s Office > Student Services > Materials