The Library is breaking out a new website for the upcoming academic year

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As of next semester, the UOC Library website will be more accessible, intuitive and personalized.

The Library is an integral part of the UOC community ecosystem, both for learning and research, and was set up alongside the UOC 25 years ago. Every year, its website receives an average of four million visits and the university community downloads more than three and a half million articles and other digital documents.

To keep up with the current needs of the UOC community, the Library's website will undergo a revamp in the coming academic year and, among other improvements, will feature personalized services and information to help you succeed in your activities and final projects. It will also have a more powerful search engine and content sorted by area of study.

Key features of the new website

The website will boast a fresh design, a seamless fit on any device and improved accessibility to facilitate universal access to information. It will also be more intuitive to navigate, allowing you to retrieve the information you are interested in with fewer clicks. Moreover, to streamline its use, you will be able to access all content and services using your UOC Campus login details.

One of the main new features is personalization: when browsing the new website you will see only the tools, content and services you need for your learning, research or teaching. Likewise, all content, including databases and other resources, will be grouped by area of study

With the new search engine you will be able to perform faster, more effective information searches. Indeed, the engine scours through much more content, has an improved search algorithm and offers more filters to narrow down your results. It will also be easier to check the status of your loan requests and digital documents.

The Library's new website is the product of a cross-cutting project involving the participation of various UOC teams and an analysis of the information needs of students and teaching and research staff.  

What will the Library's new website be like?

Very soon you will be able to discover the Library's new website, which will be more visually appealing, offer more intuitive navigation and allow you to consult content and services more quickly and easily.

It will be more customized to meet the information needs of the university community, with content classified by area of study, and has a new and improved search engine.

Before the forthcoming launch of the beta version, here is a taste of the main improvements to whet your appetite.

Simpler and more intuitive navigation

  • The new website will be more visual and have a responsive design to meet the needs of all types of devices.

  • The main menu will present all of the Library's services and content for students, researchers and teaching staff. This means you can access the information you need with fewer clicks.

  • The Library search engine will be a prominent feature on every page.

  • Access to the Library's content and services will be gained with the same Virtual Campus login and password

New's web layout

More customization

  • Upon accessing the new website, you will see your customized home page with the specific information you need for your learning, research or teaching.

  • In addition to the information you can find with the Library search engine, we have classified the content of the collection (journals, videos, databases, etc.) by the UOC's areas of study. This will allow to find what you are looking for more quickly and also discover new information of interest to you.


Quicker and more effective searches: the new search engine

  • All the information you need with a single search box. The new search engine will cover the content of the Library, the UOC's O2 Repository and the courses' recommended reading. It will also allow you to expand your searches to the catalogue of other Catalan university libraries.

  • More effective. The new search algorithm provides more accurate and relevant results.

  • More filters. You can refine the results by filtering by, for example, language, year, format, journal and database.

  • New personal account, where you can consult the status of your book loan requests or digital articles.

  • New favourites space, where you can access your search history, content marked as favourites and your reading history to recover a document you have accessed in the past.

The Library's new website is the product of a cross-cutting project involving the participation of various UOC teams and an analysis of the information needs of students and teaching and research staff.

The UOC Library

As a member of the UOC community, you can access a wide range of resources in the Library, from e-books to a 360° atlas of the human body, a virtual art gallery with images from top museums, Pulitzer Prize-winning articles and BBC documentaries.

The Library's team of over 60 professionals works with UOC students and teaching and research staff every day to offer the resources and services that you will find on its website.