The Library and dissemination of the UOC's research

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A total of 9,000 references in the Researcher's Website (GIR) have been reviewed. The aim is to facilitate dissemination of the University's scientific output.

The Researcher's Website (GIR) contains the CVs and publications of our University's teaching and research staff. It is UOC research's letter of introduction. Accordingly, the information in the GIR is vital for any researcher who wishes to take part in accreditation calls or competitive projects, and also for the UOC, which uses it to analyse, evaluate and disseminate its scientific output. It is essential for the UOC to uphold the quality standard of the data deposited in the GIR. And this is where the Library team comes in.

Since approval of the UOC's Scientific Output Review Policy by what was then the Research and Doctoral Committee on 9 October 2014, the Library's research support team is responsible for reviewing the bibliographical data of all the UOC-signed publications entered in the GIR by the teaching and research staff.  So far, the Library has reviewed 9,000 references.


What does the validation process consist of?

When a new publication (article, book chapter or book) is entered in the GIR, the Library team confirms that it is signed with UOC affiliation, that all the data are correct, that no information is missing, and that the authors are listed in the order of signature.


The research support team

After the bibliographical reference of a publication in the GIR has been validated, the Library uploads it into the Bibliometrics tool, adding the relevant indicators (impact factor, number of citations, etc). This enables the article's impact to be evaluated.

In addition, the Library ensures that researchers keep their CV up-to-date in the GIR, importing the data indexed in the leading scientific databases Website of Science and Scopus into this website. This saves time for the teaching and research staff and avoids manual entry of the changes.


Why is this review process important for the researcher?

  • All of the validated information in the GIR is put into the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya(Catalan Research Portal, PRC) and appears associated with the UOC researcher, provided that the researcher's ORCID (unique author identifier) is enabled in the tool.
  • Nowadays, to apply for accreditations; quality rating agencies such as AQU Catalunya use data obtained from the Catalan public universities' research management tools (in the UOC's case, the GIR) in teaching and research staff accreditation processes.
  • To generate automatically the CV in a standardized format, such as CVN, CVA, AQU, ANECA.


Why is this review process important for the University?

  • It guarantees the quality of the data entered about the UOC's scientific output.
  • It contributes to the visibility of the scientific output carried out at the UOC.
  • With all this information, the UOC disseminates the results of the R&I activity and scientific output generated on the website.
  • It enables drafting of the annual research report.