Support in depositing research in the O2 Repository UOC

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We help you publish your article in the institutional repository and identify the version that you can publish there, respecting editorial policies.

If as a researcher you have articles, preprints, chapters or parts of books, papers or other works that you have written as part of your academic work at the UOC, the Library will help you disseminate them and preserve them in the O2 Repository UOC. You can access to this service at the Services for research catalogue.

Following the guidelines of the UOC's Open Access Institutional Policy and in line with the University's Open Knowledge Plan, we would like to inform you of the service for help in depositing documents in the O2 Repository UOC.

Why publish in the O2 Repository UOC?

Sebastiano Giorgi-Scalari, co-manager of the repository, believes that one of the main advantages of open access publishing is that it raises the visibility of the scientific output. "The O2 exchanges information with Scholar and collectors from other repositories, such as CORE", he explained.

In fact, last year, some 30% of visitors to the digital archive came from Latin American countries, primarily Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

The increase in the visibility of the University's research "helps attract new talent, through doctorate, industrial doctorate and post-doctorate students, as well as through the interest generated in the business and industrial sector in collaborating with the IN3 and the UOC", commented Ángel A. Juan Pérez, researcher with the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) research centre.

Alexandre López-Borrull, researcher with the KIMO group, points to another benefit of depositing in the O2, which is permanent access to the document: "I know I'll always find it in the institutional repository because preservation is one of its aims, and in the digital age, that's no small thing".

How can the O2 Repository UOC deposit service help you?

The Library research support team will help you identify the version of your article that you can publish in open access while respecting the journal's editorial policy. "If the journal doesn't allow the latest version of the publication to be disseminated, it's possible to archive the preliminary or accepted publication in the repository", stated Giorgi-Scalari.

"There's a clear commitment to helping researchers use the O2", pointed out Ángel A. Juan Pérez. Specifically, he values the Library's flexibility when it "suggested different ways of publishing research documents in the repository".

How to self-archive an article in the O2?

To find out the self-archiving policies of publishers and visit the journal's website, you can use tools such as the DOAJ directory, or Dulcinea in the case of Spain. There is also the Unpaywall tool, which uses DOI to indicate the rights associated with the article.

To deposit your open-access scientific publications in the repository using the Researchers' Website (also known as the GIR), follow the Guide to depositing research in O2.

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