New e-book collection on Spanish law

Subject:  Law and Political Science
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Laws and case annotations, practical handbooks and essays from legal publishers such as Aranzadi and Civitas.

Below we present five e-books from different branches of Spanish law. You can read them online or download them in PDF. The platform's e-reader is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the size, line spacing and font of the text. 

The practicum content is updated automatically and periodically.

If you need to delve further into a subject, the books are linked to the Aranzadi legal platform, to which the Library is subscribed. When you see a link with an orange shortcut icon, simply click on it to open the cited legal text.

What e-books are available?

  • Derecho de la Función Pública (Civil Service Law)

A thorough, comprehensive analysis of the legal regime of the civil service in Spain. It deals with general aspects such as the historical evolution of administrative structures, the types of public employees, the stages of professional life, and the rights and duties of civil servants.

  • Derecho Procesal Penal (Criminal Procedure Law)

A must-read for professionals and students looking to understand criminal law and the application of the legal system. It rounds out its explanations of court doctrine and case law with theoretical and practical analyses carried out by its contributors, who are professors in procedural law. 

  • Derechos Humanos y Nuevos Modelos de Familia. Estudio en el Marco de los Sistemas Europeo e Interamericano de Protección de Derechos Humanos (Human Rights and New Family Models. A Study in the Framework of the European and Inter-American Systems of Human Rights Protection)

Over the last 30 years, minimum standards of rights and freedoms have been set in an attempt to ensure the comprehensive protection of people regardless of their sexual orientation: both intimately (in private life and family) and in the public sphere. This book analyses how the process has unfolded during this time.

  • Manual de Derecho Urbanístico (Handbook of Urban Planning Law)

Using simple and clear language, this handbook introduces the basic concepts and essential structures of the regulations that shape the legal regime of land ownership and regulate administrative activity aimed at land use, urbanization and building.

  • Practicum Concursal 2021 (Insolvency Law Practicum 2021)

A specialized publication on the main aspects of the application of Spanish insolvency law. It provides a comprehensive overview of the new revised text of the Spanish Insolvency Law and includes practical cases and forms. Its highly practical approach makes it a quick reference tool.

If you have any queries about this new collection, feel free to write to us at La Biblioteca respon.