If you telework, make sure you check out this new library guide

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The new library guide contains tips and tools for teleworking in a healthy and efficient way

"Some companies have realized that teleworking is an incentive to go digital and improve their management style and efficiency," said Eva Rimbau

As COVID-19 cases decrease and vaccination rates increase, companies are preparing for the new post-pandemic stage and, in many cases, for staff to return to the office after months of teleworking. According to a survey of 30,000 employees around the world included in The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?, 73% of workers would prefer to retain the flexibility of remote working during the post-pandemic period, although they do not want to lose face-to-face collaboration and contact. The same report points out that the hybrid model, with face-to-face meetings and some days of working from home, will be a growing trend.

In view of this prospect, the Library team has published Teleworking, a new library guide where you will find useful content for learning more about this type of work.

The most popular option is two or three days of teleworking

Remote working "will not be used as much as at the peak of lockdown, but it does seem that many companies that didn't previously provide any form of teleworking are now considering their teams doing so one or two days a week," said Eva Rimbau, a member of faculty at the UOC's Faculty of Economics and Business. 

She explained that few companies in Spain will offer more days of teleworking, because this forces them to thoroughly reconsider how they work and compensate workers for the costs of remote working as established in Spanish Royal Decree 28/2020 of 22 September 2020 on remote working.

With the new library guide you can learn more about the Spanish legal framework on remote working and the concept of teleworking. 

The keys to good remote leadership

The library guide also includes a specific section dedicated to leadership to help address the difficulties involved in coordinating teams that do not work in the same place or at the same time.

In addition to guides prepared by leading e-work companies, you will find content prepared by UOC faculty members, such as a list of skills for teleworking leadership or the video of the online seminar Leadership in Teleworking: From a Crisis Situation to an Organizational Strength

Tools and tips for greater productivity and well-being

 The library guide to Teleworking also includes advice on ergonomics and emotional well-being for healthy e-working, as well as tools and recommendations to work in the most efficient way possible, such as tips for self-recording and videoconferencing.

During lockdown and forced teleworking, some companies "missed the chance to take advantage of teleworking to digitally transform their processes and rethink their way of working," said Rimbau. "Other companies, on the other hand, have realized that teleworking gives them resilience and that it is an incentive to go digital, improve their management style and efficiency and increase their ability to attract talent."