How to get the most out of social media

Subject:  Information and Communication Sciences
 A person looking at his cell phone
Author: Sandra Pérez

These recommendations include reading material, image banks, and a tool for finding influencers.

Every year on 30 June  sees the celebration of World Social Media Day (#SMDay) . This recently established event was created just 10 years ago, as an initiative by Mashable, the news and technology blog. Since then, it has become a day for recognizing the impact on communication that these channels have had, and for discussing their potential and the dangers they can pose.

To mark this date, the Library team offers you a range of tools to help you improve your personal branding, create and disseminate content, share knowledge of your field of study on social media, and rethink how you use them.

Recommended reading

You can find books by Editorial UOC covering various aspects of social media in the Library.

Enjoy all these ideas, and don't hesitate to share them on social media.