Have you heard these tips? A video tutorial on using Nature Complete and SpringerLink

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It's more than journals! On you can also find news, podcasts, videos and analysis of scientific current events

Share the articles, download the list of results, and see what's new in SpringerLink

SpringerLink and Nature Complete are two of the Library's subscription collections where you can find journals, books and other academic content from various areas of study. This video explains how you can use them.

Introduction to SpringerLink and Nature journals

SpringerLink and Nature Complete are the perfect combination for finding high quality academic information and staying up to date with the latest and most innovative research. Learn how to search, read and share their content. 

The key ideas

Nature Complete

  • On you can find Nature journals and other academic publications edited in partnership with the Springer Nature group.
  • On the platform's home page, you will find the latest articles published in the journal Nature, scientific news, opinions and critical analysis of current issues, monographic collections of articles and a list of the most shared works on social media.
  • Click on the cover of the journal on the home page to read the latest complete issue of Nature.
  • Click on Sign up for alerts to receive a notification email when a new issue of the journal is published. You will need to create a personal account on the platform.
  • To search for articles from a specific journal: go to the full list of titles by clicking on View all journals (in the top menu) and use the advanced search (in the top menu) and fill in the journal(s) field with the title of the journal.
  • Read the articles online or download them in PDF format.
  • Share any article with other people, even if they don't have a subscription to the platform. Click on Share this article.


  • The collection includes journals and books from various publishing houses such as Springer itself and Palgrave Macmillan, among others.
  • The Include Preview-Only content filter is enabled by default. Disable it to consult only the titles which you can access from the UOC Library.
  • Read the content online or in PDF format.
  • You can also share any article with others so they can read the subscription content. Click on Share this article
  • You will see the most recent posts and featured content on the main page. Search directly by the type of content (book, journal, video, conference proceedings) or filter by discipline. 
  • When you search, you can download the list of results in .CSV format (up to 1,000 results).
  • There is a section with audiovisual courses on computer science, medicine and business. 

Take a look at examples of content in SpringerLink and Nature.

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