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Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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The London School of Economics and Political Science's blog has posted a review of an ETHE journal article on data systems in higher education.

The LSE Impact blog, a benchmark in disseminating scientific research, has focused attention on an article published in the ETHE journal. The work in question is "The hidden architecture of higher education: building the big data infrastructure for the 'smarter university", by Ben Williamson (Faculty of Social Science at the University of Stirling, United Kingdom), which considers how student data systems and GovTech applications could increase competition and performance in higher education.

This is not the first time that the LSE Impact blog has disseminated one of ETHE's articles. In October, it also published a review of the article “The effect of games and simulations on higher education: a systematic literature review” by Dimitrios Vlachopoulos and Agoritsa Makri, an analysis of the literature on the impact of games and simulations in learning objectives in higher education.

The aim of LSE Impact is to maximize the impact of academic work in social sciences and other disciplines, creating debate and promoting the sharing of good practices, as well as keeping the professional community up to date with the latest news, events and research.

ETHE is one of the UOC’s seven scientific journals. It is a benchmark worldwide in e-learning in higher education and is published by the UOC in conjunction with the University of Los Andes (Colombia). Its editorial committee comprises 40 members from 24 countries and it recently created an International Editorial Board to strengthen the editorial team’s strategic decision-making.