Black Friday's back! What do you know about e-commerce?

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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Our guides will answer your questions about the various types of e-commerce, how to apply digital marketing techniques and the difference between SEO and SEM.

15%, 20%, 30%... Black Friday's back to kick off the Christmas shopping campaign with offers made increasingly online, rather than in shops, complete with a countdown.

To help you better understand how this annual event works, its origins and the rules of the game, we've prepared two Library guides on e-commerce and digital marketing.

What is e-commerce?

To find out start by consulting learning resources, articles and websites with basic information on the concept and on two types of e-commerce: business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B).

You can also follow digital marketing trends in the Statista platform report. It is constantly changing landscape marked by growth of the Asian economies, led by the fashion and electronics industries. It includes information on consumer profiles by country as well as details on the various market segments.

How to boost internet sales

When you google a word you get two types of results. Some are highlighted at the top, at the bottom or on the right-hand side. These are sponsored links, resulting from SEM or search engine marketing, which the business pays for. The rest are free organic search results. This Library guide covers a series of SEO techniques that improve your content's ranking on Google.

It also suggests information and tools to draw up your social media plan. It answers the following key questions: which social media is your target audience on?, how should you segment so that ads reach the audience you want?, which are the most popular social media? and what do users search for?

​Website analysis

Data mining, CRM, Google Analytics... Do they ring a bell? Analysing the results of marketing actions is an essential step in optimizing your strategies. We can help with that.