Behavioral and Mental Health Online, a basic Psychology resource

Subject:  Psychology and Educational Sciences
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Part of the Academic Video Online (AVON) platform, the Behavioral and Mental Health Online collection contains more than 2,500 videos and almost 3,500 books, documents and transcriptions.

Behavioral and Mental Health Online is a very useful resource for students interested in clinical and health psychology and, in particular, in issues related to mental and behavioural health, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and development disorders, among others.

The UOC constantly assesses students' needs to bring them new resources to help them meet the challenges of each course. It thus periodically incorporates new databases such as this one. This semester, it provides access to over 157 platforms.

Why is it useful?

The new platform offers UOC Psychology students access to interviews and assessments in accordance with DSM-5/ICD-10 classifications to:

  • Analyse and understand the behaviour of people, groups and communities with emphasis on clinical practice. Nevertheless, examples are given of out-of-office interventions, such as in schools.
  • Recognize mental health disorders and learn to evaluate the main clinical problems.
  • Assess, compare and make decisions about the choice of models, theories, tools and techniques that are most suitable in each assessment and intervention context.

What can you find there?

The platform offers multimedia content, therefore the leading lights are the videos, along with books, documents and transcriptions. It includes:

  • Real behavioural therapy sessions and recreations, clinical mental health demonstrations and documentaries of a more general nature on the human condition. For instance, videos in which patients describe behaviours associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Content complies with DSM-5®/ICD-10.
  • There is information from 100%-reliable sources, such as the American Counseling Association.
  • Content is updated on a continual basis, with new material added each quarter.

You can carry out searches...

  • By therapy type. For example, mindfulness, narrative therapy, group therapy, play therapy….
  • By symptom. Content is divided by frequency of symptoms, such as sadness, anxiety, frustration and anger.
  • By format. Interviews, therapy sessions and lectures.

Additional options

Behavioral and Mental Health Online lets you create playlists, include personalized markers and make clips from your favourite videos.

Plus, with the advanced search tool you can select content by therapeutic approach, expert or patient socio-demographic characteristic.