A digital toolbox for all your studying needs

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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Look no further! These are the programs, websites and applications you need to pass your courses with flying colours.

The ICT Skills course is taught as part of every single bachelor's degree at the UOC. Completing it allows students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to harness the full potential of digital technologies. Students become aces at searching for, vetting and analysing information; creating digital content; planning their work in an online environment, and working as part of a networked team.

Within the toolkit, tool searches can be narrowed down using the tags that group tools by type. There are a total of 16 categories, including search engines; image, sound and video editors; online forms, and project management and planning tools. Romeu said: "Students really like the toolkit layout and have let us know as much."

The resources are either completely free or offer a free basic version, making the toolkit a potent educational tool, one that is constantly enhanced and updated.

How can students use the toolkit?

  • To make eye-catching presentations.
  • To edit texts from their projects and activities.
  • To store files on the cloud.
  • To work as part of an online group.
  • To display ideas using mind maps.
  • To search for information.
  • To cite their work.
Repositori eines digitals

Successfully passing the ICT Skills course is equivalent to receiving the Government of Catalonia's intermediate-level certificate for the Accreditation of Skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ACTIC). New affiliated teaching staff are also instructed on using the toolkit as part of the "Dive into the UOC" induction course.