15 books from the UOC Library to read and listen to

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The UOC Library also has audiobooks you can listen to anywhere and at any time.

Some of the digital book collections available, such as eLibro, have an audio playback option.

The UOC Library offers you access to a wide variety of digital books, which you can find using the search engine, or on the platforms on the Search the digital collection by field page. You can also enjoy audiobooks and books with a built-in voice player. More of these titles are being added every day, so you can personalize your reading experience and access them anywhere, at any time.

We have selected the most popular books among the university community, as well as the latest additions to the Library's collection. They may be of interest to any student at the university, regardless of their field of study.

Learn as you listen

If you are a book lover, and you are interested in topics such as digital reputation and international conflicts and you are comfortable with listening to texts, you should take a look at the packages of digital books available in the UOC Library. How to you use them:

In the online reader, enable the Listen to Audio option. 

Audiobook option in eLibro

If you want to see all the books that have this option, enable the Show titles with audio filter when you perform your search.

 Search for audiobooks

If the book you're searching for has an audio option, the Audiobooks tab will appear among the search options.

O'Reilly Audiobooks

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