Meet the team

Natàlia Plancheria

Natàlia Plancheria

Operative group: Library for Research. Open science and services for research

Work fields:

Research assessment, Impact and visibility of research, Open knowledge, Open publishing

How can Natàlia Plancheria help you?

She's a research support librarian and her work involves accompanying researchers throughout the research process: from searching for and managing information to assessing the quality of the scientific output. She also takes part in adding and curating content in the UOC's O2 repository.

Like the rest of her colleagues in the Library, she also handles enquiries sent to The Library Replies service.

Education and professional career

She is a graduate in Library and Information Science from the University of Barcelona (UB), in Information Science from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and in Journalism from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). She has worked in the private sector and in public administration, in the field of library and information science. Specifically, in the university sector, she provided support for research staff at UPF.

To complete her training in research support, she has taken a number of courses, including the Science Evaluation and Communication postgraduate programme at UB.

Personal interests

She likes gardening, reading and the mountains – both life there and hiking and discovering new paths.