Meet the team

Montse Massaguer

Montse Massaguer

Operative group: Learning Resources Production. Planning and quality

Work fields:

Publishing and multimedia production, Learning resources, Multi-format educational resources, Quality control, Organization and planning

How can Montse Massaguer help you?

Montse is responsible for planning production processes and assigning the necessary media for producing the UOC's learning resources. In other words, she is the person who sets the wheels in motion for delivering materials to the classroom.

She also provides support in the areas of coordination required for the management and production of the learning resources and is the reference person for technological quality analysis.

Education and professional career

Montse joined the UOC group company, Oberta Publishing (at that time Eureca Media), in 1997 and was initially involved with the layout of teaching material (first with HTML and then Build, BuildPipeline).

As time went on, she assimilated tasks of resource planning, initially in relation to the website team's materials and subsequently, for all projects. She currently forms part of the UOC Library team.