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Francesc March

Francesc March

Operative group: Library Development. Communication and projects

Work fields:

Collection, Student services, Management tools, IT projects, Library management system

How can Francesc March help you?

He is a systems librarian and administrates the information systems used in the Library. Thanks to his double-edged training and experience as a librarian and IT specialist, he is able to provide the technological support, tools and solutions you need to continue using all of the Library's resources and services. Francesc is the UOC's bridge between the Library and Technology teams.

Education and professional career

Francesc's training and professional experience have centred around librarianship and computer science. He holds an official diplomatura degree in Library and Information Science (UB) and a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, specializing in Information Systems (UOC).

His professional ties to the UOC began in 2000, and since then he has had many roles, from loan service coordinator to project manager within the Technology team.

Public profiles

Personal interests

He's a sucker for the theatre and pastry-making.