Encuentra información de arte y diseño en Art, Design & Architecture Collection

In this session, we'll tell you how to find information on art and design using the Library’s Art, Design & Architecture Collection, which combines bibliographical data and full-text publications. You'll discover what content this resource has to offer, and how to use it to find information by watching both a basic and a more advanced real-time search.


Encuentra información de arte y diseño en Art, Design & Architecture Collection (44')


  • What can you find there? It contains highly specialized information about the field of art and design, in specific areas including video art, NFTs and product design. It has extensive coverage (dating back to 1970 and earlier) and a very broad geographical and linguistic scope. You can read articles from academic and professional journals including Antiquity, The Architectural Review, The Art Journal, Apollo, Tate, and Design Week.
  • How to perform a search. Explains how to perform a search by applying advanced search mechanisms such as proximity operators, Boolean operators, quotation marks, asterisks and parentheses.

The following search is performed in the video: Bauhaus near/8 expression* in order to find information related to the artistic movement and its various creative expressions.

  • Working with the results. You can cite the results, send them by email, save them in your account (if you have registered) and create search alerts to receive a notification in your email when a new document is added.
  • How to perform an advanced search. Use the All subjects and indexing filter to make the results more relevant. You'll see other more specific search fields if you select a specific database.

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