Empieza a usar SABI: información de miles de empresas

The SABI platform has information on Spanish and Portuguese companies: basic details, balance sheets, etc. We explain how to carry out searches, how to find corporate reports and how to export the information.


Empieza a usar SABI: información de miles de empresas (44,4')


  • What does it contain? The main sources of the data include the deposit of accounts with the Register of Companies.
  • How to do a search in SABI. You can search directly for a specific company by its name, tax code or identification number (BvD ID) or obtain data for several companies in the form of a list. You can combine about 20 search filters, such as the company's location, operating income, number of workers, etc. The list of filters will appear at the bottom of the home page as you select the criteria, in the Estrategia de búsqueda [Search strategy] field.

For example, you can try to search for companies that work in a particular area by clicking on the Actividad [Activity] option, followed by Clasificaciones actividades [Activity categories] and select one (the National Classification of Economic Activities 2009 is shown by default).

  • How to search for companies and customize the list. You will be shown a series of default fields and, in the side menu, you can click on Formato de lista / Nuevo formato [List format / New format] to add extra fields (contact information, website, executive management, etc.).
  • How to export the data. The university as a whole is subject to a weekly download limit on the platform, and we recommend you only download the data you need for this reason. Downloads can be in Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF or Rich Text Format.
  • What you'll find in a company's report. By default, you will be shown a standard report containing basic information, the financial profile, a description of the company's activities, operating details, the management team, graphics, etc. You can customize it, adding or deleting data, by clicking on the Formato del informe / Nuevo formato [Report format / New format] option.

To view a company's financial details according to the 2007 General Accounting Plan format, go to the side menu and click on the Datos financieros / Plan general de contabilidad 2007 [Financial details / 2007 General Accounting Plan] button.

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