Elabora tu plan de negocio con Statista

Learn how the Statista library statistics platform works. We'll show you what content and tools are available for analysing the market and consumers, and help you with your business plan.


Elabora tu plan de negocio con Statista (86')

Elabora tu plan de negocio con Statista 

  • Where to consult the complete list of journals. Click on the Publications button in the top menu to see all the titles available on the platform. You can choose one and create alerts to receive an email notification when a new issue is published.
  • How to perform a search in Business Source Complete. A list of suggested terms appears when you type a keyword into the search box. We recommend using search mechanisms such as quotation marks or truncations, or consulting the list of keywords in documents to expand your search.

The following search is performed in the video: motivation in the workplace AND m#an and wom#en NOT child in order to obtain results focusing on motivation in the workplace about both women and men. The hash is a wild card for finding results that contain any of the derivatives of the search terms (man, men).

  • How to perform a search with the thesaurus. Go to the Thesaurus option in the top menu and you can open a list of vocabulary tailor-made for the platform. The platform recommends keywords when you search in order to make your results more accurate. If for example you type oil in the search engine, it will suggest petroleum.
  • How to search for information about a company. From the Company Information tab at the top, you can search by company name, parent company, stock market identifier code and keyword.
  • How to search for company profiles. Click on More in the top menu, and then on the Company profiles.
  • What you can do with the results. Save your searches in a personal folder, or create alerts to receive a notification when new content is published. Use the side filters to refine your searches further.

You can enable the Full text filter to consult results that have the content available to read, and within Types of sources, you have the SWOT analysis facility with real analysis of leading companies.

  • How to read the contents. You can download the content in PDF or read it online in HTML, depending on each specific case. You can save the content to Google Drive or One Drive, print it, send it by email, save it in a personal folder on the platform, or export the bibliographic citation. You have more alternatives in HTML documents, such as listening to the text with an audio player, and underlining or annotating text.

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