¡Descubre Academic Video Online, el Netflix académico!

Join this webinar to learn about Academic Video Online, a streaming video platform to use in your work. You will find a wide range of content, going from videos about programming, psychology, and marketing, to documentaries, plays, music recordings and news. Learn how to find and play the most interesting videos. 


¡Descubre Academic Video Online, el Netflix académico! (31')

Academic Video Online is the academic equivalent of regular streaming platforms like Netflix. What is its use? To help you learn from videos.


  • What is it? A platform with thousands of streaming videos, such as documentaries, lectures, videos of instructions, concerts, interviews, demonstrations and news from sources including CNN and the BBC.
  • What content is available in your studies?
    • Performing arts and humanities: plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company, opera recordings, video tutorials on how to improve your photography, and adaptations of classics of English literature such as 'Jane Eyre'.
    • In technology, there are programming courses, videos on artificial intelligence (AI), 3D animation and documentaries on the history of science.
    • In the social sciences, the content includes current and historical issues on education and psychology.
    • Documentaries for working on critical thinking, such as The first wave and Kiss the ground.

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