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Suggest a topic that you think would be interesting for the UOC community. We will consider preparing a monographic guide with a selection of content for further knowledge.

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We create guides with documents, tools and websites on topics of interest to the UOC community.

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Send us your proposal using the form, and we will consider it.

We prepare monographic guides with a careful selection of text and audiovisual resources. These are some of the guides we have prepared so far:

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The topics must relate to the contents of the various educational programmes at the UOC. They can be general topics (such as press and current affairs) or specific matters (such as fake news).

We produce guides using resources that the UOC Library has subscribed to or others available online, such as specific laws, scientific journals, databases, websites, etc.


There is no comprehensive list of types. In other words, more types can be added based on the proposals received. The guides that have been produced so far can be classified into the following categories

  • Biographical
  • Instrumental / Tools
  • Definition of a concept and minimum resources
  • Institutional (honorary doctorates, chairs and inaugural lectures)
  • Presentation/analysis of a topic (in-depth examination)
  • Event