What are UOC learning resources and how are they managed?

They are learning resources owned by the UOC. One or more authors are commissioned and paid to produce original teaching content.

You can ask for:

  • a new commission, i.e. develop a resource from scratch
  • a review or update of an existing resource
  • a translation of an existing UOC resource
  • an erratum
  • a resource already used for another course to be redesigned for your course

  1. Review the UOC resource formats in the Learning resources catalogue
  2. Go to theLearning Resource Requests tool and make a request. Your request must be made within the deadlines specified in the Learning resources calendar.
  3. Check to ensure the author signs the contract and works on the commission. For revisions and updates, if necessary, ask the original author of the resource for authorization to update it.
  4. Once it has been validated, submit the original you receive from the author via the Learning Resource Requests tool..
  5. Review the proofs that Learning Resources Production sends you until you have a definitive version of the resource.

All requests for UOC resources are handled via the Learning Resource Requests tool. .