Create your alerts system

To start creating your alerts system you can use any of the apps listed below, helping you keep track of the websites and blogs that interest you most.

Free RSS feeds:

Once you have chosen the tech solution that suits you best, set up alerts in the databases that you regularly consult. Almost all the Library's digital collection contains options to subscribe to contents, save searches and get alerts.

This is very useful for staying up-to-date with specific subjects or information sources relating to your research.

Various types of alert are possible, depending on the database:

  • Table of contents alert: When a new edition of a journal you have previously selected is published, you will get a summary of the articles in the new issue.
  • Search alert: Lets you know when new documents are added that match subjects you are interested in or cite authors whose new publications you want to know about.
  • Citation alert: When an author cites a specific work you are interested in (article, book chapter, etc.), you will get an alert, so you will know about other documents citing the document in question.
  • Cited author alert: Lets you know when an author cites another author that you have specified.

Every database has its own specific features and design, but most of them contain details on the platform on how to create predefined alerts.

Often, after doing a search, icons will appear and you just have to click on the icon to create an alert.