Save time! Learn how to find information for your work in these webinars

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Finding information is a skill that has to be learned. These webinars will provide search tips to help you find relevant information in less time

Each session lasts just 30 minutes and includes a practical demonstration of how to conduct a search

Imagine that you have to do an activity or project on a very specific topic, such as preventing psychosocial risks in the workplace. In the Library you can find academic information from reliable sources specializing in your field of study. To help you make the most of it, the Library team, in partnership with the ProQuest publishing group, has prepared a series of webinars to explain where and how to search for information more effectively.

There are a total of two online sessions lasting 30 minutes each, in Catalan and Spanish, in which you will learn which sources of information to consult when preparing your final project, how to identify search topics, and how to apply search tips and use search strategies.

The webinars will be held on the Cisco Webex platform, and prior registration is required.

The aim is to introduce you to other ways of searching for content that you can use throughout your academic and professional career, and to enable you to improve your digital information search skills.

You can access any of the resources mentioned during the sessions by searching for them by name in the Library search engine or straight from the Search the digital collection by field page. All you have to do is log in with your Virtual Campus credentials.

What is ProQuest?

The ProQuest publishing group specializes in academic content. You will find many of its specialized platforms in the UOC Library. Its primary tool is ProQuest Central, a collection of collections that includes thousands of content items from various subject areas. If you are looking for very specific content in your field of study, you are likely to find it on this multidisciplinary platform.

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