Avoiding plagiarism: what you need to know before starting your projects

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The Library's Intellectual property page answers the most frequently asked questions on authors' rights and copyright

Can you use an image or a text excerpt from someone else in your project? How should you cite a book, article or image? Can paraphrasing be considered plagiarism? The Library's Intellectual property page has information to help answer your questions and ensure the academic integrity of your projects.

What does the page cover?

  • How to avoid plagiarism: learn to recognize practices that could be considered plagiarism and find tools to check the originality of your projects.
  • How to correctly cite your sources: examples and guidelines on how to correctly cite and reference sources using the APA, Vancouver, Chicago, Harvard and ISO 690 styles.
  • Copyright vs Creative Commons licences, which you should check out to understand how you can use content you find on the web.
  • Information on protecting your work.
  • General information on authors' rights and copyright.

La propietat intel·lectual

In the video below, Raquel Xalabarder, Professor of Intellectual Property, explains (in Catalan) the concept of the right of quotation, which allows you to include an excerpt of someone else's work or recording in your project without their prior permission.


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