Are you looking for information on psychology? This webinar will help you find reading material and videos

Subject:  Psychology and Educational Sciences
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During the webinar, we'll take you through how to perform a real search 

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Did you know that the Library provides access to the American Psychology Association (APA) journals, a collection of information on post-traumatic stress, and videos of actual therapy sessions? The UOC Library and the resource provider, ProQuest, are organizing a webinar to introduce you to specialist psychology collections and to help you improve your search skills in this field.

The webinar will be streamed on the CISCO Webex platform. It'll be approximately one hour long and you need to register in advance.

You'll learn:

  • what psychology resources you can find in the Library; some examples include Psychology Database and PsycArticles.
  • how to use advanced search filters to find the most relevant information.
  • how to perform a step-by-step search, with the help of a live demo.
  • how to use additional options to work on the contents or explore information related to the topic you are interested in.

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