Meet the team

Walewska Duran

Walewska Duran

Operative group: Library for Research. Open science and services for research

Work fields:

Open-access learning, Research assessment, Digital preservation, Open knowledge, Open publishing

How can Walewska Duran help you?

Affiliated with the UOC's Open Knowledge Plan, Walewska works to guarantee that the highest possible number of the UOC community's scientific publications are published in open access.

She works alongside the researchers, supporting them in the open-access publishing phase of scientific articles, fostering both the dissemination and the curation of research while guaranteeing compliance with copyright laws and editorial and institutional policies. 

Education and professional career

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB) and a postgraduate degree in Coolhunting: Qualitative Trend Analysis (URL). She began her professional career working in the design and publishing industry for advertising and media agencies and publishers.

In 2008, she joined the UOC group company, Oberta Publishing, in the area dedicated to editorial production, producing initial layouts for teaching materials and subsequently moving on to an editorial role. After a period working in editorial management within the UOC Library, in 2019 she became a member of the Library's research team.

Personal interests

She likes to swim, practice yoga and go to the cinema as well as travelling and visiting different cities.