Meet the team

Joaquim Espín

Joaquim Espín

Operative group: Library for Research. Open science and services for research

Work fields:

Research assessment, Searching for specialized information, Managing bibliography, Impact and visibility of research, Open knowledge, Open publishing

How can Joaquim Espín help you?

He is a research support librarian at the UOC Library. He works alongside research staff throughout the research process. Specifically, Joaquim is responsible for answering queries related with managing bibliographical searches.

He also takes part in redesigning research services and courses. The Library takes the teaching and research staff into account in order to adapt to their information needs.

Like his other colleagues at the Library, he attends to the queries received by The Library Replies.

Education and professional career

He has devoted a large part of his professional experience to strategic knowledge management activities, innovation stimulation and marketing, cyber research and the e-learning field.

He holds an official llicenciatura degree in Documentation (UB), a postgraduate diploma in Technological Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence (IDEC, UPF), a master’s degree in Information and Knowledge Society (UOC) and a master's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OBS, EAE, UB).

Personal interests

Chinese sports and well-being practices.