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Ander Gámez

Ander Gámez

Operative group: Library Development. Collection

Work fields:

How can Ander Gámez help you?

He is the specialist responsible for deciding what new resources will be included in the catalogue and the classrooms so that they can be adapted to your interests and needs. His tasks include choosing suppliers and books in digital or paper format, and their acquisition (handling licences, checking delivery and access, billing, etc.).

Ander is a member of the Library and Learning Resources Development group, which manages the Library's main services, such as loans, the catalogue, acquisitions and electronic resources, and which also provides cross-functional support to the Library's other teams. Thus, in the course of his daily work, he takes part in many tasks to guarantee the best quality in the resources and services you use.

Education and professional career

He started in a completely different field of activity: He holds an official llicenciatura degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Zaragoza, specializing in Pharmacology. However, later on he refocused his career on Information Science, and it is in this field that he has been working for the last 16 years. He is an expert in e-books.

Public profiles

Personal interests

Science, music and languages.