We're going for fully digital learning resources

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
One person using a laptop

Our learning resources, which are specially designed or chosen for each course, include text-based, web-based and multimedia contents, articles, books, manuals, software, case studies and databases.

Most of the 17,163 digital resources we offer can be found in a number of different formats and languages, and they can be accessed on PCs, tablets or phones.

The most common formats are:

  • HTML5 web – this format lets students make notes and comments and underline things, so they can have their own personal digital revision material.
  • PDF – this format shows the text in identical fashion, regardless of the software, hardware or operating system used.
  • ePub – this is the standard format for ebook readers. You can also use it on an iPhone with the Stanza app.
  • Mobipocket – this text format works on portable devices, ebooks and PCs.
  • Audiobooks – listen to spoken text generated automatically. They come in two formats: MP3 audio files that can be listened to on any device or zip files with a version in the DAISY format that ensures people with sight impairments can use them.
  • Videobook – these short videos in MP4 format can be played on an iPhone or any computer. They blend phrases spoken by text-to-speech tools alongside the text itself.

Digital learning resources and content updates

Our courses get students to examine current topics and to search for solutions to real problems from the world of work. The challenge is to meet the needs of a digital society that is in constant flux.

Our digital learning resources make it possible to update contents and bring them into line with newly emerging needs at any time. This is why the UOC is aiming to go fully digital in the near future.

To reflect this, as of next semester digital learning resources will have an increased presence on the UOC's postgraduate courses and master's degrees. Within two years all our learning resources on all of our programmes will primarily be digital.