The learning resources kitchen

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
A group of people working around a table with paper sheets and post-its

The team of professionals support the faculty in choosing and producing the most suitable learning resources to help students.

The starting gun fires and the new semester is off! As of Wednesday you can go to the UOC's classrooms to see all the learning resources you'll need to pass your courses.

But let's jump back for a second. How are learning resources even made? Teaching staff ask the UOC to create new materials (an introductory video for the course or a website) or they select existing external materials (like e-books or articles).

The UOC Library is the home of the learning resources kitchen. Here, a team of professionals selects the best ingredients and lets them cook on a slow burner to produce the materials requested by the professor for each course.

The UOC develops some learning resources itself, which are published in different formats (PDF, HTML5, audiobook, videobook, ePub and Mobipocket) to adapt to you and your learning style.

What are the UOC's learning resources like?

  • Multi-format, because they are in the form of hypertext links, audiobooks or videobooks.
  • Multimedia, because they can combine text, image, audio and video.
  • Interactive, because, rather than plain text, they allow you to write comments, underline content and add information.

This new content is also complemented with external resources that are made available to you once the Library has handled matters of copyright or subscription. Among these resources you will find scientific and professional articles, online software, databases and e-books. For the new semester, almost 10,300 resources have been arranged.

Did you know…? In the time it takes you to see an episode of your favourite series (around 60 minutes) the UOC community downloads an average of two hundred documents from the Library's digital collection. That means more than one million downloads per year!

​Behind every visit to one of the classrooms' resources there is a series of tasks, including design, development and production, carried out by teaching staff, the eLearn Center, the UOC's Library and Learning Resources, and the technology team.