The Library is now available from every course classroom

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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The Library provides access the courses' learning materials from the Materials and information sources section.

This section, known as The Library in the classroom, lets students access the learning resources that have been selected by the teaching team with guidance from the Library. These resources are vital for successfully studying and completing the course.

  • The UOC's own learning resources, known as teaching modules.
  • External learning resources, including journal articles, book chapters, study guides, legal texts or other web links.

The UOC's own learning resources are published in a range of formats (PDF, HTML5, Audiobook, Videobook, ePub and Mobipocket), which means students can choose the format that best meets their needs. It also makes it easier for students with disabilities to study them. These materials can also be found in Secretary's Office > My materials. This is also where students can monitor the delivery of materials (update their details or check on the status).

External learning resources are made available to students after handling copyright together with the University's Legal Office or through the Library's subscriptions to electronic resources and databases.

For the start of this semester (February-June 2016), 1,024 courses have been updated. 251 of these courses have new UOC learning resources. In turn, 1,153 requests to add or renew external learning resources (journal articles, book chapters, etc) have been processed.

Finally, The Library in the classroom also provides access to the O2 institutional repository and to The Library Replies, the Library's help service.