Resources for future international relations professionals

Subject:  Law and Political Science
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By visiting the Library and their online classrooms, students can gain access to the highest-ranked journals in the field of international relations.

The increasingly international focus of social relations requires expert professionals who are capable of analysing and understanding current societies in today's globalized and ever-changing world.

At the UOC's Faculty of Law and Political Science, students on the Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and other related specializations therefore receive comprehensive and inter-disciplinary training to become specialists in international relations. Our collections of journals allow students to apply classic international relations concepts to current case studies, and to explore new issues at play, such as climate challenges and migration. We offer journals published by top international universities and groups specializing in international relations. The following is just a sample of those available to students:

Check out the journal's cover on the Library website. Bear in mind that some entries are subject to a release delay (typically one year), so you may not be able to access the latest issue right as it is published.