O2 in the Web Ranking of Repositories

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New edition of the Web Ranking of Repositories.

The July 2013 edition showed the UOC’s institutional repository – O2 – to be in a good position, both worldwide and in Spain. In short, O2 was in the following positions: 
  • Top repositories: 257th, from a total of 1,650
  • Top institutional repositories: 222nd, from a total of 1,563
  • O2 was the 15th repository in terms visibility and impact of the 49 Spanish repositories
  • In Europe, O2 was 123rd from a total of 737 repositories
This is the 13th edition of the Web Ranking of Repositories published by the CSIC Cybermetrics Laboratory. This ranking assesses the visibility and impact of repositories. It calculates this assessment in terms of the number of documents indexed on Google Scholar and international databases, harvesters and directories, and links to the repositories, among other factors. The importance of this ranking comes from the fact that it affects the rankings of universities and research centres also produced by this laboratory.
A highlight from last academic year was the fact that the repository received 98,463 visits, 53% more than the previous academic year.