MarketLine: New tools for corporate benchmarking and searching for influencers

Subject:  Economy and Business
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This specialist economics and business database has updated its image and contents to help you draw up your business, marketing or social media plans.

How can you analyse the competition to find what makes your brand different? Which are the leading companies in your market? Are you searching for SWOT analyses or case studies of other companies? Do you want to locate stakeholders in your sector?

These are common questions for everyone who has to complete a continuous assessment test or a final project on strategic communication, marketing, economics or business. The new version of the MarketLine database will help you carry out these tasks.

The interface is more user-friendly and intuitive than the previous one and it now classes contents by sector instead of by industry to refine search results much more.


We renew and increase the learning resources available each semester. This semester there will be over 150 databases available to students.


What’s new in MarketLine?

The MarketLine home page displays all the contents and all the search options available to you. You can filter information by sector, country, company or content type.

Alternatively, you can see at a glance the key content on the platform, such as case studies, business deals, themed reports and the latest news in the world of economics and business.

MarketLine web
  • Company reports

Browse among 100,000 reports that include the company description, its latest news, financial data and deals. Of note is the SWOT analysis section, with a graph and summary table explaining each of the factors.

MarketLine web
  • Benchmark tool

In the Companies section, you can check the data for the leading companies in the sector and compare the main trends.

MarketLine web benchmark
  • Case studies

In the Case Studies section, you can find out the best business initiatives or the reasons why a strategy that had been planned down to the last detail failed. Recent cases include McDonald's struggle to overcome financial losses in Japan through digital marketing and the restructuring of premises, and the actions to maintain dark or black tourism, which attracts travellers to such destinations as Auschwitz, Hiroshima and Pablo Escobar’s La Catedral prison.


  • Themed analyses

To understand some of the main trends, we recommend visiting the Theme Reports sections. For example, the opportunities offered by consumers over 55 and China as a strong global competitor and its willingness to invest around the world.


  • Social media influencers

One of the most interesting new features of the update to MarketLine is a tool that is perfect for finding the leading social media influencers and publications in various sectors. You simply have to choose the theme and country that interest you. For example, you can find out who has published something about artificial intelligence in Spain and what the most popular contents are in real time.

MarketLine web influencers
  • Additional options

You also have the Ask an Analyst which allows you to consult an expert analyst who will help you get the data or content you’re after in less than 24 hours. The News section allows you to keep up to date with the latest news in the various sectors.