Access to news stories for students

Subject:  Information and Communication Sciences
A stack of newspapers

Expansion of the range of specialized press databases on offer, with the incorporation of US Newsstream.

The UOC’s Library is improving students’ learning with full-text access to the events that have marked our history.

The suicide attack on the twin towers in 2001, the tsunami that struck South East Asia in 2004 and the killing of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar in 1993 are salient examples of the news stories found in the UOC’s press databases, which have recently been expanded by the addition of a new product providing media from the United States.

The UOC’s Library now has access to US Newsstream, a service that lets users search through the most recent news content from the US as well as information dating back to the 1980s. The service includes newspapers, news agencies, blogs and news sites in full-text format.

US Newsstream offers exclusive access to the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, as well as access shared with Factiva to The Wall Street Journal. US Newsstream also offers one of the largest collections of local and regional newspapers. Factiva is a popular service that guarantees access to the Spanish and international press.

This addition bolsters the existing range of databases specializing in the international press, which includes Canadian Newsstream, providing access to over 190 full-text journals from the most important publishers in Canada, and International Newsstream, supplying the latest news from outside the US and Canada, historic archives from 660 newspapers, news agencies and full-text format news sites such as The Times (of London), The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Financial Times, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, South China Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, Asian Wall Street Journal and the BBC Monitoring series of publications.

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