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Rut Vidal

Rut Vidal

Operative group: Learning Resources Production. Planning and quality

Work fields:

Learning Resources Production

How can Rut Vidal help you?

Rut is the Library’s reference person with regard to courses that have adopted the new UOC activity model (Niu). The learning resources are presented in a highly visual content aggregator in mosaic format and enable students to meet the objectives established for each continuous assessment test.

She is also responsible for updating the catalogue that lists the various types of learning resources produced by the UOC. Her work enables professors to select the format that best suits their course requirements, be it an interactive website or a video.

In addition, she provides support for the coordination tasks required to manage and produce learning resources, and is the reference person for the analysis of linguistic quality.

Education and professional career

Her professional life has always been linked to words in one way or another, as a philologist, as a linguist and as an editor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Catalan Philology (UB) and is a sworn translator. She has a thirst for knowledge and, as such, has also completed courses on theoretical linguistics, editorial project management, copyright and intellectual property.

She has previously worked at leading linguistic institutions on normative projects such as the Diccionari de la llengua catalana and Gramàtica de la llengua catalana, produced by the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC); and in linguistic consulting, supervising the responses from the Government of Catalonia’s Optimot service.

In 1999, she joined the UOC group company, Oberta Publishing (at that time Eureca Media), as a linguistic specialist and manager of the Catalan Language department, later making the move into the world of publishing and going on to take up her current position of project director for the UOC Library in 2013

Personal interests

She very much enjoys reading, writing and also cooking. She writes her own blog on cooking and literature, which takes up much of her free time, and is also currently studying narrative writing at the Ateneu Barcelonès School of Writing.