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Carla Sivilla

Carla Sivilla

Operative group: Learning Resources Production. Production management

Work fields:

Publishing and multimedia production, Learning resources, Multi-format educational resources, Wiki

How can Carla Sivilla help you?

The UOC Library is the home of the learning resources kitchen, where the focus is on designing a range of course-specific, multi-format content and materials, such as text-based manuals and videos. Carla manages the production process from start to finish, from the point at which the coordinating professor sets the process in motion by submitting a request for a new learning resource.

Carla then plans and sets a budget for the project, overseeing the production with the suppliers (editing, correction and layout) and signing off the final product with the professor. The process concludes with the resource being uploaded to the classroom, ready for the start of the semester.

Education and professional career

She holds a bachelor's degree in Catalan Language and Literature and Spanish Language and Literature (UAB) and has completed a postgraduate course in Linguistic Consulting and Editorial Services (UB), studies that provided her with the key skills she needed to enter the world of publishing.

She began her professional career working as an editor at Enciclopèdia Catalana, subsequently joining the UOC group's company, Oberta Publishing, first as an editor and then as the editorial manager of her own team. She currently forms part of the UOC Library team.

Public profiles

Personal interests

She likes to travel whenever possible and enjoys being active, particularly playing paddle tennis, skating and practising BodyCom.