Recursos para elaborar un plan de marketing

In just 30 minutes, this session will provide an overview of resources available from the Library that can help you produce a marketing plan, including SWOT analyses, and company, country and sector reports, among many others. The session will explain what they are, how to access them and where to find the information.


Recursos para elaborar un plan de marketing


  • What content is available? In addition to the information you find using the Library's search engine, there are resources with specialized marketing content, such as ProQuest Central. This platform includes magazines, newspapers, case studies, SWOT analyses of other companies, and data on organizations, specific industries and markets.
  • How to perform a search: If you want to do a search within ProQuest Central, the advanced search tool will guide you. All you have to do is fill in the requested fields. Using certain techniques, such as quotation marks (""), the near search operator or filters, will help you get better results.
  • What to do with the results: Save your searches, automatically cite documents, send results by email or download content in PDF format.
  • Where can I find industry and market reports? From the Browse section of ProQuest Central, click on Industry and Market Research. Then choose an industry from the list.
  • Final summary of all the search tips.

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