Why publish final projects in open access?

Find out the benefits of publishing your final degree projects final master's degree project or practicum in open access.

What do you need to know about publishing?

These final projects are self-published in accordance with the Guide to depositing Final Degree Projects, Final Master's Projects and Practicums in O2, the UOC's institutional repository.

The author, that is, the student, is asked to publish the project personally in the repository, as by self-publishing, the student expressly authorizes open-access publication.

The professors and course instructors will ensure that the final degree projects, final master's degree projects or practicums are deposited in the institutional repository and will encourage their students.

Each degree course may ask its students to publish their final projects in open access following different assignment selection criteria. Thus, there may be programmes that require open-access publication of all of their students' final projects and others that only require a selection. 

Why publish final projects in open access?

UOC students are asked to publish their final degree projects, final master's degree projects or practicums in the institutional repository, where they are freely available for consultation.

When a student is asked to publish his or her final project, this document must necessarily comply with the following requirements:

  • The project must not be affected by any confidentiality agreement with third parties.
  • The project does not infringe third parties' industrial and intellectual property rights.

If there are any data that must be protected, such as confidential data, or which infringe industrial and intellectual property rights, this information must be removed before depositing or, alternatively, consultation may be restricted to UOC community users. If the student has any query, he or she should contact his or her teachers.

By publishing their final projects in open access in the repository, UOC's students give visibility to their academic output.

However, publishing in the repository allows retrieval of these projects not only from the repository itself, but also from the Web, as all material included in the repository is indexed. Therefore, a targeted search in Internet will retrieve the project from the information available in the record accompanying it (author(s), title, keywords, abstract, etc.).

Furthermore, with validation of publication of the project in the repository, a handle or permanent URL is assigned that the UOC undertakes to preserve, irrespective of any changes that may be made in the repository's interface. This handle may be shared by the student, with the certainty that the digital record to which it refers will always be retrievable on Internet.

Open Access Institutional Policy at the UOC
This policy requires UOC researchers to publish in open access by depositing their work in the UOC's institutional.

Where are open-access final projects published?

The repository stores published resources in three main sections: Academics, Research and Institutional.

UOC students' final projects are all located in the Academics section. This contains the teaching materials and learning objects generated by the teaching activity and deposited both by the UOC's faculty (teaching modules, educational videos, study guides, continuous assessment tests, examinations, exam decisions, etc.) and by students (final degree projects, final master's degree projects or practicums).

Within Teaching, the main communities basically correspond to the different courses of study given by the UOC. And within the communities, we can find multiple sub-communities, which represent the different branches of knowledge given within the courses. Often, the sub-communities correspond to one or more programmes given by the UOC.

Finally, the last level of the repository's hierarchy consists of the collections. Specifically, the collections where the final projects will be located all share the following designation: “Final degree projects, research projects, etc.”

Repositori institucional de la UOC, O2: Docència
UOC's institutional repository section, includes teaching materials, final degree and master's projects, etcétera.
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