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A guide about the past, present and future of advertising
A compilation of journals and books, documentaries and sample ads to give you a first look at the world of advertising campaigns.
Have 30 spare minutes? Discover a new  reading list to keep you learning
We want to invite you to join us in an online training course about the eLibro e-book collection.


Memento Inmobiliario
A comprehensive manual on property law.

Eating local and seasonal food
Eating is an essential part of our daily lives but not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to a good diet.
As a full member of ECPR, the UOC community enjoys a wide range of benefits the consortium offers.
Request a search for bespoke learning resources for your teaching activity; to prepare the teaching of a new subject, redesign an existing one or the rollout of a new programme.


toolkit anglès
The UOC has put together a collection of resources to help you improve your level of English.