Teacher’s bookshelf

Collection of resources from the library geared towards the UOC’s teaching staff. Here you’ll find a selection of sources of information to find materials, guidelines, instructions and manuals for self-editing and producing resources as well as resources for getting up to date on today’s university and teaching innovation.

Sources for finding teaching resources

Selection from sources and directories that have been selected and checked by thematic librarians and that contain resources for use in the classroom.

Search engines, meta-search engines and directories
Collection of multidisciplinary and thematic search engines, meta-search engines and directories.
Access to the UOC’s scientific output
Resources where you can access the UOC’s scientific output.
It's open
This dossier contains tools and resources on open access.
Recommendations, guidelines, rules and standards
Documents that collate the methodological and technical specifications resulting from experience.


CCCB LAB: Investigació i innovació en cultura
CCCB Lab Blog about ICT and it's relationship with diferent cultural expressions
Monoskop Log
Multidisciplinary blog focusing preferably on field of art, culture and technology
400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
A collection of online courses, in both audio and video format, taught at the most prestigious universities.
Internet Archive
An internet library providing access to moving images, audio, movies, films and videos.


HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory)
Aliança i col·laboratori en Humanitats, Arts, Ciència i Tecnologia.
MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
MERLOT is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of...
A pilot project to promote and consolidate an active teaching community.
Revista de educación virtual
Free online journal that covers the subjects of education, educational methodology and e-learning.
Academic Questions
The official journal of the National Association of Scholars
Universia is the leading network of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking universities.
The Guardian: higher education network
Comunitat a l'entorn de l'educació superior de la Gran Bretanya.
Compilation of news on education issues in the Spanish scope.
Educación 3.0
News portal about education and technology aimed at professionals in the education sector.
Notícies d'ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Press office of the Department of Education of the Catalan government.
Sala de premsa Universitats i recerca Generalitat de Catalunya
It allows users to search for press releases, calls, government decisions, etc., and to filter by date.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle is a weekly newspaper throughout the academic year that offers news, information and job offers.

The University

El model educatiu de la UOC : evolució i perspectives
The lines along which the evolution of the UOC's educational model must be directed and driven.
Els recursos d'aprenentatge
This book provide a general description on the evolution of e-learning and how it have to evolve.
T-REX: com es pot sobreviure a la gestió dels drets d’autor dels recursos d’aprenentatge
This paper exposes the UOC's learning resources management model.