The learning resources model (Repte-Niu)

1. The model

- The UOC’s Educational Model: Bases and Evolution (resource)


eLC kit (link)


- What is an NIU? (document)

An NIU is a mosaic-like structure that lets students see what activity needs to be completed and the learning resources provided to help them do so.

Some examples: Example of an actual NIU (eLC License classroom)Example of an NIU IIExample of an NIU III


- What is an OU? (document)

The OU is the smallest part of an NIU. They are each of the learning resources and include guidelines on how to makes the most of them. An OU can be text, audiovisual, etc.


What is the Challenge videos? (example)

As part of our new learning resources model, the Niu Plan, challenge videos are created by coordinating professors to explain challenges or activities on their courses.


EDNA: tool that allows you to configure Niu activities from the classroom (link)


Tool use manual EDNA (document, in catalan)

2. The Learning resources

- The Catalogue of learning resources (link)


- The Learning Resource Requests page (link)


About working with the Learning Resource Requests page (link)


- The Learning resources search (link)


- The Calendar (link)


- The Guidelines for the selection and use of learning resources (link)


- UOC-created content 

These are newly created learning resources that may need to be commissioned, whether in published or audiovisual format.


- External resources

These are already existing resources produced by third parties that are either open access or, in some cases, subscribed to or purchased in advance so that they can be used in the classroom.

Links to the Learning resources search and Manage external learning resources sections.


What is the learning process and what tools do I count on? (link in catalan)


3. Roles

- What does the coordinating professor do? (document)

The course's coordinating professor is in charge of designing the course, commissioning the learning resources for the NIU (whether external or newly created), validating the contents of the materials commissioned and producing the guidelines for the resources to appear in their classrooms.


- What do the figures of Support to the Design of the Subject, ADP and Curation, do? (document)


- What does the Library do?

The Library accompanies professors in the design of the courses, focusing on the resources needed. They provide advice on the right kinds of documentary resources for the design being developed, help find such resources in the Library’s collections, estimate the cost and help answer any doubts that may arise during the working sessions regarding both UOC-created and external resources.

4. What needs to be done to modify a Niu?

In the case that it has been detected that a challenge does not work and it is better to adapt it or that the resources that had been initially thought of are improvable, you can make the modifications that you consider necessary.  


The changes you need to implement can be of three types basically:  

- Add new resources

- Remove existing resources

- Replace the current ones with other resources


In this document we explain what steps you need to follow in each case.