Guide for authors of learning resources for the UOC

If you have been commissioned to produce materials, you must follow these steps:


STEP 1. You will receive an email from the UOC with your login details (username and password) to access the UOC's Virtual Campus ( 

(Please note: if you have previously been commissioned to produce materials at any time from October 2016 onwards, you will not receive this email, as you already have a username and password for the Virtual Campus.)

STEP 2. Log in to the UOC's Virtual Campus and fill in your bank details, address and other personal details (or, if you have worked for the UOC before, check they are all correct). You can enter and edit your details but will not be able to sign the contract at this stage. -> see the descriptive guide  

STEP 3. Around 15 days after the Campus login details message is sent you'll receive an email in your Campus mailbox telling you that your contract is ready. Go to your authorship contract, download it and then sign it electronically. -> See the descriptive guide 

General conditions for orders and Assignment of Rights

STEP 4. If you are a tax resident of any country other than Spain, please read this information.

STEP 5. Once you have finished a chapter or an amount of work that represents a significant part of the job, you can send a sample of the materials directly to the professor who gave you the commission. 

STEP 6. You must send the professor who gave you the commission the definitive original copies of the corresponding materials before the date specified in your authorship contract.

STEP 7. Should you have any doubts, queries or problems, please contact the Help Service.


Online learning and the UOC's Virtual Campus

Com s'ensenya i s'aprèn a la UOC?
he UOC's educational model is the university’s main feature that distinguishes it since its introduction.
L'aula de la UOC
Find out about the UOC's classrooms.
Com han de ser els recursos d'aprenentatge per a l’ensenyament en línia?
A video with a brief and very visual explanation on how to prepare learning resources in the UOC module format.
Treballar amb els recursos d’aprenentatge en format digital té molts avantatges.
Working with digital-format learning resources has many benefits and means you can have them to hand wherever you a

UOC's Learning Resources catalogue

From this link you can acceed to the UOC's Learning Resources catalogue. In the sections "Audiovisual Formats" and "Editoral Formats" you will find out how to create different types of resources and a model template for each resource (subsection "Authorship").

Guideline for the elaboration of UOC's Learning Resources

Guidelines for preparing the UOC's modules (see document)

A guide for authors receiving assignments to create basic teaching content for one of the University's courses or formative units.

Guidelines for the development of content in Wiki format

From this link you can see the guide for authors of learning resources in the Wiki format, as well as a tutorial with basic guidelines for the use of the XWiki needed to facilitate the creation of content.

Style and language of the UOC
This site, run by staff at the Language Service, provides specific guidelines for UOC-related texts in Catalan.
UOC's style guide
UOC's style guide
The material sample: What is it and how should it be done? (see document)

Indicacions per als autors/es de recursos d'aprenentatge en format mòduls per a la UOC
Video aimed at those authors receiving assignments to write learning resources for a UOC course.
El procés d’edició dels recursos d'aprenentatge de la UOC
A video that briefly, and very visually, explains the publishing process followed for learning resources at the UOC

Intellectual property


Intellectual property


A section where information can be found on intellectual property and copyright of the content published at the UOC (learning resources, etc.).


Bibliographyc citation


Resources to cite a bibliographic reference correctly.


How should images that are included in the classroom or in material be referenced?