We offer a range of services and resources to increase the effectiveness of your teaching activities

Section of the Library website that gives access to content and services targeted at UOC professors.
Request a search for bespoke learning resources for your teaching activity; to prepare the teaching of a new subject, redesign an existing one or the rollout of a new programme.
Service to commission new authors as a learning resource for the subject and/or revise-update those already used.
Request and renew external learning resources found in the classroom under the “Information sources” and “Support tools and documents” headings: journal articles, book chapters, web links, etc.
Update recommended reading material for your course
Use UOC materials already existing in other courses for your course.
Notification of new needs, modification and cancellation of learning resources investment budget.
The dossiers of resources provide collections of documents, tools and websites on a specific subject
We will advise and accompany you in the analysis and assessment of the learning resources for your subjects (cost analysis, uses, quality, etc.) and for the quality accreditation report for the programme.
We will send you the physical learning resources for the subjects on which you have enrolled and which have an associated dispatch.
Publish in the UOC's institutional repository, O2.
Calls for the integration of the librarian into the classroom as an educator and discover the learning pathway for authors of teaching materials in the UOC module format, and a whole series of training resources aimed at coordinating professors.
Collection of resources from the library geared towards the UOC’s teaching staff.

Liaison librarians

Librarian to support learning. Health. Psychology and Education
Librarian to support learning. Law and Politics. PhD
Librarian to support learning. Economics and Business
Librarian to support learning. Arts and humanities
Library Services to Support Learning. Information and Documentation
Librarian to support learning. Computing, Multimedia and Telecommunications