What role do universities play in the 2030 Agenda?

The universities include the 2030 Agenda in their strategic policies and carry out actions that are consistent with these four areas: teaching and learningresearchuniversity governance and external leadership. These contents will help you join in the global reflection on the role of universities in constructing a sustainable future.

 SDGS in universities
This document takes an in-depth look at the four areas where universities can contribute to sustainable development
Associació Internacional d’Universitats (IAU)
Statement approved in 2016 by the International Association of Universities (IAU) in Iquitos.
ODS, Agenda 2030
Article by Goolam Mohamedbhai, former president of the International Association of Universities.
2030 Agenda SDG
This book is a call for dialogue. Education becomes a catalyst, an asset that needs collective social effort.
SDG Agenda 2030
Roadmap endorsed by the UNESCO General Conference with regard to the Global Action Programme (GAP).
ODS Agenda 2030
Issue of International IAU journal Horizons devoted to the role of education in sustainable development.
Agenda 2030 SDG
Results of the first global survey in 2016 on the role of higher education in promoting sustainable development.