Urban sociology

The approach to this topic matches that taken by the UOC's City Management and Urban Planning Department. It is based on looking at urban and developable territory in cities and metropolitan regions from a territorial/physical, social, economic and/or political perspective.

Recommended books

Psicología de la ciudad
Debate on urban spaces.
Cities for people, not for profit
Critical Urban Theory and the Right to the City.
La Sociología urbana de Manuel Castells
This book spans the different stages of Manuel Castells’s research on cities and urbanism.
Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework
This book explores ways in which the environmental quality of urban areas can be improved.


Journal of urban planning and regional management with a specific focus on Ibero-America.
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR)
Journal with publications of research on urban and regional development.
Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies (RURDS)
Periodical publication of the Tokyo International University and the Showa Foundation for Economic Research.


An economic news and press database.
ProQuest Central (ProQuest XML)
Database containing over 11,000 journals, some 8,000 of which can be accessed in full text.
European Spatial Planning Research & Information Database
web-based information source concerned with strategic spatial planning in a European context.

Reference works

A dictionary of environment and conservation
An online dictionary of environment and conservation.
A dictionary of Human Geography
A detailed guide of all aspects of human geography.

Press and news

The Guardian. Cities
The section in The Guardian newspaper with news about cities.
Blog de Gestión de la Ciudad y Urbanismo
Blog by the UOC Law and Political Science Department’s City Management and Urban Development.
Carajillo de la ciudad
An e-journal of the UOC's city management programme.

Open-acces resources

Ciutat i ciutadans del segle XXI
Dialogue, in the context of the 2004 Forum, focused on the issues and challenges arising from the megacities.
Work and analysis platform that brings into play innovative processes and tools for social action in Barcelona.

Recommended bibliography

Local y global
Management of cities in the information age , written by Jordi Borja and Manuel Castells.
ReVivir el centro histórico
This book introduces four renewal projects of the historic centre of very different cities.

UOC Learning resources

Learning resource for the Rehabilitación de centros históricos y barrios degradados subject.
Learning resource for the Gestión de los impactos ambientales urbanos subject.