Hospitality & Tourism
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Recommended books

No disparen contra el turista
Transport hubs, such as airports, are becoming targets for terrorists' violent acts.
Tourism is the quickest way for societies far from imperial heartlands to gain access to the consumerist llifestyle
Cultural Heritage
First book of its kind to synthesise global and regional issues related to cultural heritage and tourism.


Travel & Leisure
Articles on tourist destinations throughout the world.
A magazine covering all the latest developments in the tourism sector and the hotel trade.

Reference works

Lèxic de transport turístic
This dictionary contains hundreds of terms specific to the tourism transport sector.
Diccionari d'hoteleria i turisme
A dictionary containing around 1,200 terms.
The terminological database of the translators of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).
Gran Enciclopedia del Turismo Español
The first publication in the world to offer a comprehensive overview of Spain's tourism industry.

press and news

Hosteltur is the leading Spanish-language portal for tourism news.
A leading digital daily tourism publication featuring news on the industry in Spain and Europe.
National Geographic
The renowned official magazine of the National Geographic Society.

open-access resources

Hosteltur TV
The Hosteltur TV video channel.
Instituto de Estudios Turísticos
The IET carries out research into the factors that have a bearing on tourism.
Facts and Figures
The World Tourism Organisation's website aims to provide comprehensive information on tourism all over the planet.
Exceltur, Spain's Partnership for Excellence in Tourism, monitors the industry constantly.

Recommended bibliography

Antropología y turismo
There has been little in the way of anthropological study on tourism, particularly beyond the Anglo-Saxon world.
A guide aimed at different types of tourism industry professionals.
Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies
Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies provides a new framework for analysing the complexity of cultural tourism.

UOC Learning resources

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