Tax law


El Derecho
It is a database for the law sector.
Database offering full-text access to legislation and jurisprudence (regional, national and European Union).
La Ley
A resource that enables users to simultaneously search all its sub-databases.
Legal database. It offers access to all consolidated national legislation and regional legislation.
Database containing information comparing a wide range of tax statistics from OECD member countries.
Banking Information Source
Information about the financial services industry and banking activities.
Database containing financial information on Spanish and Portuguese companies.
An economic news and press database.
Mementos Edicions Francis Lefebvre
Access to Mementos: Tax, Accounting, Social, and Commercial

Recommended books

Actividades de derecho financiero y tributario
Practical exercises designed to hone specific skills related to financial and tax law.
Legal Regulation of Corporate Social Responsibility
Studies into the influence of legislation on corporate social responsibility  in companies.
Derecho Financiero y Tributario Español
Compilation of basic regulations regarding tax law.


Nueva fiscalidad
Periodical reporting on the latest developments in the field of taxation.
Int Tax Public Finance
Journal that seeks to foster top-quality theoretical and empirical research on tax policy.
Tax Lawyer
Articles and reports about tax law.

Reference works

TERMCAT. Diccionari de la renda 
Basic terms for the completing the tax and equity return.
A Dictionary of Accounting
Dictionary featuring definitions of the latest financial jargon.
Dictionary of banking terms
E-book that defines more than three thousand terms related to banking.

Press and news

Website of the CEF (Centre for Tax Studies), specialized in taxation and tax issues in Spain.
Instituto de Estudios Fiscales
The Institute of Fiscal Studies website.

Open-access resources

Discover open or gratis online information resources on tax law.